Producing vs Consuming

The only time we really think about our consumption is with money.

Should I buy this $1 app?
Buy organic grass fed eggs for $5, or stick to the $2 regular eggs?
Perhaps wait till there is a coupon available?

People go out of their way to amass as much capital as possible, yet be very cautious about their spending.

Consumption goes way beyond simply the dollar amount spent.
It is rather the amount of time spent and its purpose.

Imagine gaining access to a highly additive game, for free.

Instead of paying for the app with money, people pay for it with time.
This is a form of consumption that people usually don’t care about as much as money.

On social platforms like Reddit or Youtube, there are:

  • The producers – The posters of information or videos.
  • The consumers – People reading or watching the content.

Given enough content, consumers can spend many hours of their lives reading or watching the content.

Consumption, on its own, is not bad.
Spending money, on its own, is not bad.
It just depends on the purpose of the purchase.
Will the $1 app be used to produce something?
Or will that consumption be wasted?

I like learning, I like researching, I will always consider myself a student.

Over time, I have amassed a lot of knowledge and wisdom.
I use this knowledge to live my every day life.
However very little of this knowledge is publicly visible.
Most of what I produce is private. My life, my job, my relationship with people.

I feel, because there are so few specialized places were I produce, my production is limited. And any time I don’t produce, I consume.

There have been a lot of instances in my life where I consumed a lot of information to find out something, then when I finally found it out, I’d keep it to myself.. and potentially forget it over time.
It’s not like it was secret information. I have found out what I wanted to find.. Why waste time writing up what I’ve learned?

I’ve realized, by not sharing my findings, most of my consumption becomes wasted.
Sure, I learn from the experience, but much of the finding will be lost to history. Someone else, researching the same thing as me, would not be able to reference my work… ending up with further consumption on someone else’s behalf.

Hence the purpose of this blog.
I want to document my discoveries, my research, anything I’ve learned in life.

A platform like Reddit is not good because it is more of a “news” media.
I want my posts to be used as a form of reference. Something that people can go to when doing research.
A permanent set of information.

Whenever consuming, I have to ask myself, will this help with my producing?

I want this to be a change in my life. This is not just blogging.

Will my consumption help me produce more in my relationship?
Will my consumption help me produce more in my job?

By being mindful of the purpose behind my consumption, I hope to produce more.

Focusing more on my production, I hope to improve my life both publicly and privately, and become a better person.


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