The Israel-Palestine Problem

Israel’s Declaration of Independence states that the State of Israel will:

...ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex.

This means Jewish and Muslim citizens should have exactly the same rights in Israel.

Yet Israel is maintained as a safe-haven for Jews.
Jewish holidays are national holidays.
Money is minted with the Jewish calendar year.
Being Jewish is a sufficient reason to be granted citizenship.

A Muslim living in Israel may feel unwelcome.
Isn’t this supposed to be a free and equal state for anyone, regardless of religion?

The Israeli government needs to stop being secretive, and officially declare what’s going on. It should either:

  • Do what it says. Be free and equal to all citizens regardless of race. Remove all forms of Favoritism towards Jews. Integrate people of all religions together. Make sure Jewish and Muslim communities get the same kind of National funding.
  • Officially declare Israel as a Jewish State. Remove the freedom of religion. Revoke citizenship of all Muslims.

If Israel does not choose one of these options, and continues to be “Open to everyone” officially, but give special privileges to Jews, the violence will continue.

One thought on “The Israel-Palestine Problem”

  1. It does ensure social and political rights. It doesn’t need to make all people citizens for that to be true as it would cause Israel as a Jewish state to cease to exist.

    Life is not so simply black and white and your view seems too reliant on a binary solution without taking into account the nuances in life and politics.


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