WordPress is a waste of time

As a software engineer, whenever I wanted to make a personal website, I’d spend way too much time tinkering with the server, than producing actual quality content.

Unhappy with the lacking content produced, I decided to try out a popular free blogging platform: WordPress.com

I was hoping, with the skilled developers at WordPress, I’d not have to worry about server uptime, optimizing HTML, or any other typical minute task.. and I’d just focus on content production.

Out of the box, WordPress provided an easy to use GUI for writing articles.

However over the next few days getting acclimated to the platform, I got the impression that wordpress is a waste of time.

WordPress doesn’t like that you using their product for free.

Every time I open up WordPress, I get this wonderful notification:
It appears like a notification that I have to close..
Happens every time I open WordPress, pretty annoying.
I’d write up a Tampermonkey script against this thing if I were to keep using WordPress.

As soon as I made a new WordPress account, I started getting these emails:

But, I was fine with these minor annoyances. It’s a free service after all, right?

Oh yeah, did I mention WordPress automatically places ads on the blog?

Using the site, I started seeing more and more features that were only available to paying customers. Want to modify the design of your blog? Pay.
Want to add some extra functionality on your blog? Pay.

Up till now, this hasn’t really bothered me.. I am a software engineer.. I thought, anything I need, I can just code up myself in javascript or css.

I was mistaken. I’ve made an animated gif below showing my frustrations:

wordpressWordPress actively removed any of my attempts at trying to add any type of styling or scripting on my page. To be able to write such code, they were forcing me to upgrade..

That is horrible. I’d understand a business model where the free account doesn’t get added features, but I completely disagree with intentionally adding code that purposely removes something that can otherwise be done for free.

So, good bye WordPress.
Hello Blogger.

Blogger another free service, just without all these pushes to buy a paid account.
I can do whatever scripting or styling I want. Oh, and no ads!

I’ve started working on a long project involving grading food intake research articles.

You can check it out here:


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